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Grey olltwit’s jet ski
Título: Grey olltwit’s jet ski
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Descripción: Race around a marked course against three other Jet Skis. To control the jet ski you chose you use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard. The Up arrow is used to increase speed and does not need to be pressed all the time throughout the game. To slow down or brake tap the Down arrow key. To turn the jet ski to the right, press the Right arrow and left, the Left arrow. Remember, when your Jet Ski is facing down, your left and right changes i.e. you control it just as if you were sitting on the bike. rnYou can bump into the marker buoys at anytime without damaging your jet ski but your bike will bounce off causing a brief loss of control. Colliding with another bike will also cause you to bounce without damage but the underwater noise the bump creates can attract sharks. If you keep bumping into other bikes then sharks will start to be drawn to the area. They can cause you problems as they swim near the surface and can obstruct you when racing.
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